sstlab$ ssh -l kimi ssp1
kimi@ssp1's password: 
Last login: Mon Feb 15 15:14:02 2010 from
ssp1% ls
CO       GeSi  Seminar  downloaded  misc       semi  yoko
Desktop  GeSn  demo     dp  temp
ssp1% cat 
from ASE import Atom, ListOfAtoms
model = ListOfAtoms([Atom('C', (2, 2, 2))], cell = (4, 4, 4))
model.append(Atom('O', (2 + 1.1, 2, 2)))
from Dacapo import Dacapo
c = Dacapo(nbands = 10)
ssp1% python 
Running /usr/bin// ./tmpIvsTq1 -out out.txt -scratch . -stop stop
ssp1% ls
CO       GeSi  Seminar  downloaded  misc    out.txt    semi  temp
Desktop  GeSn  demo     dp  stop  yoko
ssp1% exit
Connection to ssp1 closed.
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