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Introduction for Surface Science

  1. 結晶構造
  2. 表面緩和と表面再構成
  3. 吸着・脱離・表面拡散
  4. 表面科学におけるシミュレーション技法

  • 私家版第一原理計算マニュアル

Research Topics


  • 卒業研究の概要


  • 表面上の分子の回転


  • NO on Cu(111)
  • STM/STS for C6H6 on Ni(110)/Ni(111)
  • Si(100) Surface System
    • 2×1-c(4×2) surface reconstruction phase transition on clean surface
    • H adsorbed on Si(100) Surface System
    • Thermal Desorption Spectra of H on Si(100)
  • Au on Si Surface System
    • Au on Si(111) Surface System
    • Au on Si(100) Surface System
    • Au on Si(553) Surface System
  • Li on Cu(100) Surface System
  • PF3 molecules on Ru(100) Surface System
    • Rotation of PF3 molecules
    • Vibration of PF3 molecules
    • Gear motion of PF3 molecules
  • Phase Transition for Ag on Si(111) Surface
  • Delocalized Vibrational States of H on Ni(111) Surface
  • Order-disoeder Phase Transition of H adsorbed Ni(111) Surface


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